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Sara Litchfield is a writer, editor, and photographer who believes in making a mark on the wall of the world. After savouring life as a theologian at Cambridge and an accountant in London, she emigrated to Middle Earth (also known as Aotearoa New Zealand), where she now devotes herself to all things words and wonderful.

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Edited by Shelley Chappell

The Southern Cross shines high above a fairy tale wood. Come step inside. Drink dew from the leaves with tiny Tommelise. Eat egg sandwiches with a toothy young troll. Escape with Rapunzel. Trick Rumpelstiltskin. Shiver in the snow. Climb the beanstalk. Pray to the Piper. Be a cat. In and out of the wood, whether in this world or another, these stories will take you to new places. Explore how far you can go in this anthology of twenty-one fairy tale retellings by New Zealand and Australian authors.

Featuring retold fairy tales by Mahoney Adair, Goldie Alexander, Hilary Barrett, Stacey Campbell, Shelley Chappell, Hannah Davison, Graham Davidson, Simon Fogarty, Maria Hansen, S.M. Harris, K.S. Liggett, Sara Litchfield, John Lowe, Virginia Lowe, Megan Norris, Angela Oliver, Kate O’Neil, J.L. O’Rourke, Leigh Roswen, Philippa Werry, and Tony Wilson.

Available now in eBook & paperback!


It is always dark. Warmer than it should be. The sun is a dull glower of reproach, only sometimes visible through the fallout. A once-majestic university town is crumbled, ashen and divided. The Men have made their home the Facility, where they develop the medication to combat the radiation that would otherwise kill those left alive. 

Another day at school for Teacher. Another morning of bullying and torment from a batch of doll-like triplets more violent and unbalanced by the day. They are the nightmare product of Project Eden, the operation devised by Leader for the survival of the community, seeded in the Mothers without their consent. 

Teacher has hope. She has a secret. When it is uncovered by Jimmy-1, a triplet who might be different, what will it mean for his future and hers?

Available now in eBook & paperback!

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Edited by FJ Morris

Following on from Sticks and Stones, and the May break your bones anthologies, But words will never hurt me is a collection of thirty-six powerful stories from all around the world. In under 1000 words, they have the power to transport you, to make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

Please note that this book contains mature content which may be unsuitable to younger readers and contains content warnings when appropriate.

Adam Brannigan, Alex Reece Abbott, Anne Marie Lyall, Audrey Niven, Abigail Williams, Barbara Diggs, Bohumila Ottova, Bronte Cook, Chris Cottom, Christine Kelly, D.X. Lewis, Daniel M. Dyer, Emily Devane, Emily Labadie, Hannah Connors, James Borley, Jennifer McMahon, Joy Deacon, Karen Whitelaw, Karen Jones, Kate Leimer, Kathryn Phelan, Maria Thomas, Meg Orpwood, Michele Wong, Nicola Godlieb, Noémi Scheiring-Oláh, Peter Rose, Rebecca Klassen, Sara Litchfield, Sarah McPherson, Sherry Morris, Theodora Sutcliffe, Veronica Robinson, Xueyi Zhou, Yvonne Stewart

Available now in eBook & paperback!

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