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Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction

Greetings from Aotearoa New Zealand, where we've recently celebrated not only the shortest day of the year, but fiction in one of its shortest forms, with National Flash Fiction Day!

This wee bulletin is an announcement that my story 'Whalebone' was long-listed in the National Flash Fiction Day competition this year, with my piece joining the winners, short-listees and other long-listees in a special edition of Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction. You can find the latest issue here:

Many of the pieces are accompanied by a video or audio recording, if you prefer to watch or listen rather than read, but however you like to sip your stories, I hope you go take a look around and appreciate them all. I'm thrilled beyond measure to have gotten here, with the field nearly 500 entries strong, so please also join me in a happy flash dance!


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