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Free The Verse - Feast

Welcome to 2023! Here are some wishes from me to you for a bright and beautiful year ahead, full of the people and places and play you love the most.

I open this year with joyful tidings! A poem of mine has just been published in the wonderful journal Free The Verse, marking the turn of my year. The theme - fitting for the season - Feast! Follow this link to enjoy a lively and enjoyable read all round - I'm thrilled to be in such great company and hope you'll agree this fresh and funky journal, celebrating its first anniversary, is one to watch: Free The Verse

I'm hoping to see several creative eggs hatch in 2023, and I love that this is the first to break shell. I'm looking forward to a year of pursuing big dreams, and ideally having more news to share soon!

On that note, thank you for being part of a small but perfectly formed readership. I certainly can't be accused of spamming your inboxes with regularity, but please respond and let me know if you'd rather not receive these updates and I'll take you off the list.

Those who wish to stay - yay! I'd love to hear from you too. What hopes and dreams for the year ahead?

Artwork reproduced with permission from Free The Verse

Executive Editor: Zara Shams, Art Director: Anna Elwin


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